Spring Fashion

Spring is all about floral prints and the transition into summer fashion. It is about dresses with denim jackets and sneakers, and shorts with a light jumper.

Spring is where you find and identify what you will be wearing for summer, it is a confusing fashion time of year but it is important to wear whatever feels comfortable for the season.

The first look is the long floral green dress, which is bright and perfect for spring. Then paired with a blue faded denim jacket, white sneakers, and a pair of circular sunglasses. This is perfect for the cool breeze of spring as well as those sunny spring days.

The second ensemble is a light white and grey jumper, which is off the shoulder creating that more spring and cool look. This is paired with denim, destressed blue shorts that create an almost surfer girl look, making the perfect spring attire.

There you go the perfect spring look. Of course yours might be very different and I would love to see your take on spring fashion! I personally love spring it is the calm after the storm and the air gets fresher everyday. I hope you have a perfect spring and join me on my blog journey throughout the season!