Simple Practices to Extend the Lifespan of Home Furniture

Simple Practices to Extend the Lifespan of Home Furniture

Furniture is the backdrop to our home living. It gives a complete look to our spaces, no matter how big or small. For sitting, sleeping, and storage, we cannot deny the importance of having beautiful furnishings in our home as you can get from Besides their functional role, these fittings help with interior design, improving the overall beauty and value of the rooms. But we often forget the simple things to keep furniture in pristine condition. Here are some invaluable hacks on how to make furniture last longer.

Keeping it Neat

A lot of the time, our furniture is not as old as it looks. Rather, dirty residues are the reasons behind their sloppy appearance. We must commit ourselves to cleaning our chairs and tables regularly. Tidying up adds new life to our furniture pieces and spares resources we would otherwise use to buy new items. When we do buy new things, be it with the help of a useful rug size guide from Bazaar Velvet or through other means, we should work to maintain them for as long as possible. There are a few fundamental tips we should apply to maintain furniture.

  • Seeking help from professional deep cleaners, especially to take care of upholstered furniture. You can find plenty of companies that specialize in Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne area, but there will also be some in your local area.
  • Loosening and flipping pillows even if they have a fabric protector. They should be rotated once in a while to reduce soiling
  • Cleaning spills immediately using blot papers or absorbent cloths
  • Using furniture-specific rather than all-purpose cleaners. Leather needs special products for stain removal

Removal of Ugly Scratches

Metallic and wooden furnishings can get scratches that never go away on their own. Finding a way to remove these scratches is a great step to maintaining your furniture. Here are a few tips to cover up the flaws.

  • Painting to mask minor scratches
  • Use of DIY wax remover, water, and white vinegar to eliminate old wax on the scratched places
  • Sandpaper to scrape the surface and level it
  • Rubbing wax crayons across the scratched surface. The crayon should be of the same shade as the furniture
  • Rubbing light-colored wooden parts with lemon
  • Rubbing dark-colored parts with nuts

Vacuuming Fabric-Protected Seats and Tables

The surface of a couch that is coated with a fabric protector must be vacuumed regularly. We should pay close attention to the areas underneath cushions, using a vacuum cleaner’s upholstery attachment. The same goes for coffee tables that gather a lot of dust on top. There is a big problem with settling dust as it builds up slowly together with oil and moisture. By the time we realize this, it has already soiled and aged the material. Luckily, there are numerous fabric protection treatments we can use to coat the fibres to protect surfaces from soiling and staining.

Tightening and Securing Joints

With time, screws and nuts loosen and might pop up unexpectedly. In some circumstances, they could even fall out, meaning that you don’t have anything keeping your furniture together. To prevent this from happening, looking for a nuts and bolts perth company, or somewhere similar, and buying spare parts will ensure that you always have a backup plan in case something were to go wrong. With that being said, loose bolts are the reason we endure wobbly benches and creaky sounds in bed. If we don’t tighten them, we end up with irreparable damage to chairs and other fittings.

UV Protection

Direct sunlight is an enemy to our furniture. UV rays can do serious harm even if they pass through glass windows. Generally, harsh sunlight fades just about anything including fabricated seats and wooden surfaces. That is why we should place furniture away from windows or make good use of drapes and blinds to reduce the impact of sun rays. We can also shop for made to measure curtains (for example, black out curtains made with thick fabric). These could help block almost 90 percent of the light coming through our windows. The best part is we get to customize these curtains based on our preference. How cool is that! We can also use other tips that experts suggest to help with this.


Like fabric protectors, slipcovers create a barrier between the surroundings and the furniture to keep off stains and scratching. Slipcovers not only safeguard the outer surfaces from messes but also preserve the integrity of the upholstery, so it doesn’t wear off. Since slipcovers are removable, we can throw them in the washing machine when they become too dirty.

Reviving the Sheen

Wooden surfaces lose their lustre after a while but we don’t need to replace them when this occurs. Polishing the hardware with eco-friendly products is the right way to go. We should avoid such ingredients as ammonia because they are quite abrasive. While polishing, it is good to protect the surrounding finishes with masking tape. Though a bit pricey, polishing adds some life to aging furniture.

Extreme Care When Moving

Once in a while, we have to switch things up by rearranging the living room, dining table, or bed position. A lot of damages happen while using incorrect techniques to move furniture. Dragging and pushing are wrong, especially when the furniture is heavy. Not only does improper handling wreak havoc on the fittings but also damages the floor. Getting help with assembling and changing fixtures is a wise decision. Rather than pushing the bed, we should lift it to keep the hinges intact.

So, let us pass on the above rules to all household members so we can protect our furniture. By doing so, we should be able to enjoy our furnishings for longer, saving money and reducing the environmental impact as a result.

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