What to Do Before Taking a Car Road Trip

What to Do Before Taking a Car Road Trip

We all like to travel from city to city or from one state to another to check on friends and family. We also travel for work and to seal business deals. Whereas air travel is faster, the car remains the darling of many travelers. The main advantage of a car is that it is cheaper than most other modes of transport. Most importantly, a car allows us to have as many stopovers along the way. We can pop by the motel for a cup of coffee or pull over at a highway pub for a beer as long as we are within the legal limit.

Despite the immense joy of taking road trips by car, a lot of care is needed to ensure that the trip becomes successful. Be it a small business trip, or one for pleasure – a car is immensely useful when it comes to your travel. For example, if you are on a trip for your business, and would like to have reimbursement for it, you could simply look up the best site for a mileage tracker app which can calculate this for you! After all, if you are spending the money for your company, you should get compensated for it!

However, among the most important things we need to look out for is the need to have our machines in excellent condition. It is embarrassing to get stuck in the middle of nowhere because of a broken-down vehicle. We also need to ensure we have the correct car accessories for the journey. For example, you might want to find a bed cover for your pick up truck so that all of your belongings can be looked after safely for the duration of the road trip. In this article, I share some other of the most important aspects to organize before taking that road trip.

Car Insurance

The car insurance is the best aspect before getting behind the wheel. We all need to be covered just in case something unbecoming happens along the way. Ensure your car insurance is valid and up to date. If by looking at your documents you’ve discovered that your insurance plan is up for renewal, it may be time that you switch providers and look for cheap car insurance companies, who can offer you the right amount of coverage for your vehicle needs and at a much lower price, instead of sticking with your original plan. In the average person’s search for car insurance, they may spend about an hour, but does it take long to get insurance for your car? This can depend on how you approach the process. Depending on your circumstances, insurance rates and delivery time can increase, and if this has happened with your own policy, it may be time to look elsewhere. If you decide to do this though, make sure that you do it in plenty of time before your trip. Some insurance companies have certain conditions such as coverage within a state only or higher premium beyond a particular mileage. Go through your insurance policy to familiarize with the fine details of your insurance cover. If it suffices, well and good. If it falls short, contact your insurance broker for guidance.

Check your Driver’s License

Is your driver’s license up to date? Due to the busy work schedule and other responsibilities, we sometimes forget even the most obvious things such as renewing our drivers’ license. Before going on that road trip, check that the drivers’ license is valid. If you are traveling beyond the state’s jurisdiction, ensure you are familiar with the traffic laws and signs in the destination.

Take the Car for a Check-up

For a car that is mostly used for a city commute, going for a long road trip might be a tough ask. I advise that you take the car for a check-up to fix the lagging areas and identify defects that might derail that road trip. An automotive expert will conduct thorough diagnostics and get the car back on top-notch condition. Some of the most important areas to look out for include;

The Tires

The tires are a critical part of the vehicle as they are the main contact point with the road. They are the most prone to defects such as punctures or worn-out threads. An automotive expert will check and advise on what to do depending on their condition. The tires can be changed if they have seen better days. Also, check the condition of the spare wheel just in case you lose any of the tires already installed.

The Braking System

Imagine driving down a rural road and a deer suddenly crosses your path. The first thing to do will be stepping on the brake pedal. If it’s working, you are lucky. Finding the brake system faulty is a driver’s worst nightmare. I advise that you should never leave the garage without checking the condition of the brake system. It is essential in averting accidents and keeping everyone safe. Ensure the brake pads are in good condition and that the level of the braking oil is sufficient. Also, ensure that the brake lights are working so no one knocks your tail when you suddenly stop.


To avoid getting stranded when night falls, ensure you check the condition of the headlamps. Ascertain that the bulbs are working, and illuminating the road perfectly.

The Engine

A well-running engine is the reason you will make it to your destination and back in good time. Ensure that the engine oil is checked. If possible, pour in new oil as the engine is going to be overworked in the coming days.

Ready to Go

The car is now ready to leave for the trip ahead. Pack up well and kick off your road trip. Remember to have some important contact with you in case the unforeseen happens. Our cars can sometimes surprise us with faults out of the blue. Have the right people on call in case that happens.

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