3 Tips for Writing a Better Cover Letter

3 Tips for Writing a Better Cover Letter

If you want to be a writer, it helps to know how to write. But if you want to get a job, it helps to know how to write a cover letter, too. If you can write well in these two areas, you’ll have a wide range of opportunities before you. Read more.

Cover Letter – Write It Better

When looking for a new job, you probably already have a half-dozen cover letters ready to go. These letters are generally pretty bland and don’t do much to set you apart from the pack. In fact, the majority of people look at a cover letter and say “meh” before deciding to even respond.

Why do you need to write a better cover letter? 

It’s because you want to find the right job. So, you spend all this time and effort writing a great cover letter, learning about the job, and reading the job description to make sure you are applying for the right job.

Most job applications have a cover letter to go along with it. This is where you get to sell yourself to the prospective employer. Your cover letter is your big chance to show the employer your talents and why you are the best candidate for the position. Some cover letters have only a sentence or two, while others can be long and demanding. So, how can you make the most of that chance?

Writing Tops For Your Winning Cover Letter

Writing a cover letter can be incredibly daunting, especially if you are applying to jobs that are located in another state. Cover letter writing is particularly difficult if you are applying for a job requiring you to include some sort of educational background or applying for a job located outside of your area. Here are three tips to help you write a better cover letter.

  • Work on a memorable and thoughtful lead.

It is so important to write a great cover letter that not only catches the eye of the recruiter but also that the person reading it will be drawn into the story and consider your application. Recruiters always want to know why a candidate wants to work for their company and, more importantly, why they should hire them. Also, they look for things that make them think of their company as being different, that are memorable and interesting, and that brings something new to the table. You need to make a good first impression.

  • Add some conversational tone and a sprinkle of personality to your letter.

Keep your cover letter brief and to the point. Repeat your skills and accomplishments in a different format. Emphasize key elements of your skills in relation to the job posting. Take note of the recruiter’s name and contact information. Think of two or three random facts about you. Try to make your letter human, warm, and friendly. Write it as if you are speaking to a close friend.

The mistake that many people make when writing a cover letter is to keep it too formal. Don’t write your cover letter like a legal document. Instead, use a conversational tone. Take a few minutes to write down some tips for how to write a good cover letter. List out a few ideas, and use them to guide you when crafting your cover letter.

  • Capture the reader’s attention by addressing their needs (don’t rattle and avoid cliches)

You’ve probably heard in your career that cover letters are essential to the recruitment process. You’ve probably been told that it’s crucial to have a cover letter that speaks to the employer’s needs, grabs their attention, reassures them that you’re the right candidate, or shows you understand their business, and all of this is true. But if you’ve been told it, you’ve likely been told it by a recruiter.

It is unfortunate, but it is true. Your cover letter doesn’t have to sound like a legal document, or does it have to be boring. In fact, you can write a cover letter that will make hiring managers sit up and take notice.

Cover letters are a great way to get an interview, but we all know that the cover letter is just the first step to making that happen. We can all write a good cover letter, but can we make it even better? Certainly, a well-written cover letter is always considered to be a great first step towards receiving that job.

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